Spring Break Bucket List: An Update


For Spring Break I asked the students to create “Bucket Lists” of things they wanted to do or accomplish throughout the week. We are having so much fun seeing their pictures and hearing about their adventures. From trying new foods to writing their own books, the students did not disappoint. Enjoy these pictures of Felipe’s fictional character, Robinburger, who came to life and went bike riding on the boardwalk before hitting the beach! Looking forward to hearing more (there will be more updates on the class FB page.) Creativity is fun!

Mrs. T

Tuck Everlasting: A Synopsis (* Spoiler Alert)


If you could drink from a magical spring and live forever, would you? Winnie Foster is a ten-year-old girl that lives with her parents and grandmother in a big house with a fence surrounding it. She is not allowed to go anywhere without supervision. On her property is a place called the “wood.” Winnie was thinking of running away and went into the wood alone one day. While she was there, she saw a boy move pebbles aside and drink from a small spring. He hadn’t seen Winnie there. Then, they started talking. His name was Jesse Tuck and he was really one hundred and four, but he told her he was seventeen. When Winnie asked if the water was good to drink, Jesse said, “No. It’s dirty.” Winnie said if it was fine for him, it would be fine for her. It’s her family’s wood, so it’s her spring. Jesse told her that it would be terrible if she drank it. Then his mom, Mae, and brother, Miles, showed up to get Jesse. The worst thing had happened. Someone found out about the spring. They had to seize Winnie and take her with them to their home and to Tuck. They never wanted to harm her in any way and they never did. They simply needed her to understand why she should never tell anyone about the spring and more importantly, why she should never drink from the spring. The family had drunk from the spring eighty-seven years ago and then realized after a few years that they weren’t aging. Tuck, the father, had even tried to kill himself by shooting himself in the heart. It didn’t even leave a mark. The rest of the family also had accidents in which they should have been very hurt, or dead, and yet they were fine. That’s when they knew for sure that they could never die. They needed to make Winnie understand that living forever is not a good thing. Things are supposed to grow and move and change. That’s how the world is meant to work. Dying is a part of life. You can’t pick out the pieces you like and leave the rest. Being part of the whole thing is the blessing. The Tucks feel like they are useless in this world and not really “living,” because you can’t live without dying. Tuck explains to Winnie that at first people would think having life everlasting is amazing and everyone would flock to the spring to drink from it. But they would be wrong. The world would continue to change, but the people would stay the same and they’d be sorry, but it would be too late. Winnie understands and enjoys her time with the Tuck’s.

A man in a yellow suit followed the Tucks back to their home and heard the conversation about the spring and how drinking from it will make you live forever. He wants the spring so he can get rich off it. Then, he stole their horse and rode to the Foster’s home and told them that if he could tell them where their daughter was, they would have to give him the “wood” in exchange. He then returns to the Tuck’s house and demands they give him Winnie to return to her home so he can be given the “wood.” Mae grabs Tuck’s shotgun and tells him to leave Winnie and he won’t, so Mae hits him with the shotgun and cracks his skull. The man dies. Mae is arrested, put in jail, and sentenced to hanging. Winnie was returned home. The problem is that Mae won’t die when she’s hung and people would find out their secret, so they have to break Mae out of jail. Winnie wants to help. So Jesse tells her the plan and gives her a small bottle of the magical water. He tells her that when she’s seventeen, she could drink the water, and come find him. They could get married and live together forever. Winnie didn’t know what she’d do.   They got Mae out by the window in her cell and sent Winnie in to take her place. In that time, the Tuck’s leave and never return. Winnie returns home and decides not to use the water on herself. She doesn’t want to live forever. She pours the water on a toad instead. Winnie gets married, has children, and lives her life. Years later, the Tuck’s return to find the wood is gone and they see Winnie’s grave. Her headstone let them know she lived a happy life.

Lily B. 

How Do Our Mindset Practices Help Us Achieve Goals Throughout our Lives


I think our mindset practices help us achieve goals throughout our lives because these mindset practices help us learn more in the future. It also helps us know what’s expected of us if we use the five growth mindset rules (Ready to Learn, Ready to Care, Ready to Try Again, Ready to Accept Help, and Ready to Lead)!

For example, in the article, Summit Success, Blind man Eric Weihenmayer climbed all seven original summits, and how do you think he did it? He did it by learning with his research and mistakes he made, his care for his equipment and summit team, when his research wasn’t helping or he couldn’t get up a certain summit, he just didn’t give up, he tried again! When he was stuck or going the wrong way, his team had to help him, and he had to accept help! And when his crew didn’t know what to do, he had to lead them! If you go ask him about these mindset rules, this might be what he might say about him and the rules!

The next article is A Courageous Climb, featuring a courageous climber who lost his legs, Colton Carlson! When he lost his legs, he had to learn how to walk with prosthetic legs! When he formed his climbing team of already wounded soldiers, he had to care for them as much as him. When he was learning how to walk with prosthetic legs, he had to keep on trying again every time he messed up! When his legs got blown up, he had to accept help from some paramedics and doctors! And when his wounded team didn’t know what to do, Colton had to lead them! I believe he would say the same!

Now, for the third article of this piece, No Summit Out of Sight, with a climber who climbed all 8 summits, Jordan Romero! Before he ever wanted to climb these summits or start climbing in the first place, Jordan had to learn about the summits with research.When Jordan was climbing some regular mountains and getting some creatures on the way up, he had to care for the animals, so he doesn’t hurt them. When Jordan had to convince his parents to let him climb the 8 summits and his parents wouldn’t say yes, he had to keep on trying again! When his parents finally said yes, but said he can’t go alone, Jordan had to accept help from his parents! And when his parents were stuck, confused, or lost, Jordan had to lead his parents! I’m really sure that Jordan would agree with me on this one!

And now, for our final article, this one is called Ready for Everest, with a brave 12 year old boy named Tyler Armstrong! Before Tyler climbed a real summit, he had to learn how to climb carefully, so he doesn’t severely injure himself! When he was learning how to climb, he had to care for his teacher(s). When he was climbing the tallest summits of Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, Africa, Mount Elbrus, in Russia, Europe, and Aconcagua, in Argentina, South America, he had to try again, since he would mess up a little bit! So he doesn’t severely get injured, Tyler needed to accept help from teachers, who could help Tyler with his climbing skills. And, when he is almost to the top of a summit, he had to lead himself up that summit, to the tippy top of the summit, and yell to the world, ” I DID THE IMPOSSIBLE!!!” Tyler Armstrong would be so happy to hear this!!!

And now that you know how the school rules apply with the life’s of Eric Weihenmayer, Colton Carlson, Jordan Romero, and Tyler Armstrong, you can follow them! They showed that it doesn’t matter about what the actual challenge is, but what you want to follow, because everything, no matter how many times you failed, will someday, someday, succeed.

Future WWE wrestler,

Exploring Author Decisions: The Road to the White House


The Presidential Election is right around the corner and for most Americans, the question is looming around: “Who will be the next President of America?” The author of “The Road to the White House” wrote an article explaining five things you need to know as America prepares to pick its next president. The author’s decisions of the type of text and text structures formed a perfect understanding of his or her points.

In my opinion, this type of text is suitable for expository. I believe this because the article gives facts and information about the election as well as using bold words, pictures, captions, and headings. For example, to be president you have to be at least 35 years old, have lived in the United States for at least 14 years, and that the first of many caucuses was held in Iowa on February 1st. Also on page 5 of the Scholastic News, there are pictures with captions, bold words, and headings. As for the text structures, I think that the author used compare and contrast and description. The author compared and contrasted primaries and caucuses, what happens in Iowa and New Hampshire, Republican candidates and Democratic candidates, and the two political parties. The author described who can and can’t be president, parties that have nothing to do with balloons or cake, what a primary and a caucus is, why Iowa and New Hampshire are so important during February, and that there are a lot of people wanting to become the next president.

I think that the author made the decisions about the text types and the text structures because narrative, technical, persuasive, sequence, problem and solution, and cause and effect do not flow with this article, but expository, compare and contrast, and description do. I also believe this because the author may have wanted to inform the reader about the events that take place during the election and what to expect. The author’s decisions affected my understanding of the text because if it was not expository, I may have thought that the author was taking the piece in a whole different direction, such as persuading me to take a side on an argument or informing me on events that take place during the election. Lastly, if Lauren Tarshis had written this article, I think that she would have written the article differently than Joe Bubar, the author of “The Road to the White House”, which means that she would have probably included different information. I can draw this conclusion because Lauren usually uses the narrative format. In the I Survived series and “Mountain of Fire”, she uses a narrative text type to tell a story in her piece. In “Mountain of Fire”, she even interviewed a family from their point-of-view. If Lauren wrote this article, she may have interviewed a candidate or a voter who feels strongly about whom they are voting for. If she didn’t interview anybody, she most likely would have done LOADS of research because to have a good piece, most writers do research.

In conclusion, I found this article very interesting and intriguing. I learned many, many things about the presidential election that I may never learn in my whole entire life. Who knew there was so much to know about the election?

Lily M. 

Shooting Kabul: A Book Review


Shooting Kabul was about how a family being ruled by the Taliban were forced to flee to the U.S but in the middle of fleeing, a loved one gets lost. When they get there they experience 911 and they realize everyone thinks it’s their fault. They are labeled terrorists which is ironic because that is why they were in CA in the first place. Struggling mentally, can the person who lost the loved one get her back? Read the book to find out.


Bud Not Buddy: A Book Review


Ten year old Bud is on the lam and finds out that running through Michigan to find his dad is not the easiest thing to do (especially if he gets caught by the police!) Will Bud find his dad or will he travel all that way to be let down and find out that it was all a misunderstanding?
Find out when you read Bud Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis!


Small As an Elephant: A Book Review


Book rating from me: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This book was written by Jennifer Richard Jacobson. This book is very emotional but very well written. It doesn’t have challenging vocabulary but the themes are difficult. Small As an Elephant is about an eleven year old boy named Jack. He and his mother went on a camping trip away from where he lives and one morning he wakes up and he can’t find his mother anywhere. But it wasn’t the first time his mother had left him. He doesn’t want anyone to figure out what happened and separate them forever. Jack doesn’t know if he will ever forgive her.


Going Back in Time to the Revolutionary War


             If I could go back in time, I would go to the Revolutionary War. I want to go to the Revolutionary War because the events that took place interest me. If I could visit the Revolutionary War, I would be on the colonist’s side.

While I am visiting, I would dress up as an Indian and dump tea into the Boston Harbor, to stop taxes on tea! After all of that fun, I would want to see the mad look on King George III’s face!

After that, I would teleport myself to King George’s castle, (riding on Rush Revere’s magical horse, Liberty) and sneak into his castle as Loyalist’s (with Rush Revere) and wear a fancy dress, like his student, Freedom. It would be a blast!

Also, I would join George Washington and his army as they row down the Delaware River. Lastly, I would accompany Paul Revere on his midnight ride to warn the Colonists that the British were coming. Then, right before I leave, I would get all of the famous colonist’s autographs and take selfies with them before speeding back to the future.

Lily M. 

Inside Out 2: A Presentation


The BackStory … 

It was a plain old normal day at HeadQuarters on Tuesday. Bliss was very happy because the Emotions had finally stopped fighting- for once. Repel was disgusted by staying in HeadQuarters for so long so the Emotions decided to take a vacation to California. Hopeless is sad because she was voting to go to the rainforest because the rain reminds her of tears. Jitter was fearful because he was assigned as the pilot of the plane- bad idea. And Fury was mad that he was not assigned the pilot of the plane to fly to California. So all the emotions were ready to go to sunny state of California. So they started their journey without fighting until the pilot (Jitter) saw the bright blue ocean. He decided that it might be dangerous to fly over it, so he pulled the wheel down and the Emotions crashed! This is when the fighting begins. Fury puts the foot down on Jitter because he crashed the plane. Bliss tries to look on the bright side of the crash by saying “On the plus side fellow Emotions, we will be landing way, way ahead of schedule.” Repel is disgusted by how hot the temperature is. ” It is at least like 100,987 degrees. Did you know that Jitter?” And Hopeless is sad because they did not arrive in California OR the rainforest. So they all continued becoming aggravated at each other until Joy finally yelled ” Enough! I am so done with every one fighting. We will find our way home back to headquarters before we know it. I just know it!” Then, out of the blue a pink colored pyramid popped up and said ” OOO! Are you real humans?” Then Repel Said ” Yeah?! What do you think?” “Well, I have not seen people for so long so I guess I just forgot.” Said Wonder. ” That’s OK. Do you possibly know the way out of the desert?” asked Joy. ” You have come to the right person for this job.” So Wonder took the emotions to an airport, where they took a plane to New York City and then to Head Quarters. When they arrived back at Head Quarters, every Emotion learned how important each Emotion is from Fury to Jitter to Wonder to Bliss and if they work together, the job gets done quicker and better.


Bliss: Lily
Wonder: Gannon
Repel: Kathy
Hopeless: Kathy
Fury: Barritt
Jitter: Gannon
Narrator: Lily

Please enjoy!

Mike Smith: A True Story


One night at the dinner table my dad said he had gone and heard a speaker. The speakers name was Mike Smith. He said he wished I had been there because he thought I would liked it. Then he told me what the speaker said.

He said he was a cool kid. Then, he moved to Nebraska. When he got there, he was different. He had purple hair and liked to skateboard. He was a weirdo to them. After a while he started to become a cool kid again.

Soon, his father became sick. He wanted to go to college and become an athlete. He went to school early every day to shoot some hoops.

One day he was walking to his locker to get his headphones and passed an autistic kid. That night he asked his mom what to do with that kid. She said to ask him if he wanted to play with him.

The next day he asked him if he wanted to shoot hoops with him. The boy said, “No, I’m good.” He did this this all week. He finally asked his mom what to do. “Mom, I’m trying to be nice but he keeps saying “No, I’m good.” “I don’t think he likes you. I don’t even like you right now.” His mom said “Why?” he asked. “Because you are mean and think your better than everyone else.” That got him thinking. He realized that he needed to become a better person.

When he made it to college, he was practicing when his coach came up to him. “What are you going to do with your life?” He asked. “I don’t know yet, I just want to help people.” “Come with me.” His coach said. “I’ll show you somewhere you can help people.”

He took Mike to tent city. An area under a bridge where homeless people lived in tents. When he got there Mike went up to them and said, “How can I help you?” Then one man said, “Can you give me a pair of socks?” It might sound silly to us because we don’t need to ask for socks, but to homeless people, it is a fair request. They only have one pair of socks. Most homeless people have rotten feet because they can’t change their socks when they get wet. So Mike said, “I think I can help you.” And left. He went to the locker room and got a box of socks. When he got back to tent city, none of the homeless people expected for him to come back. When he got there he started handing out socks to them. That inspired him. He started something like a club. He and some friends would ride around town on skateboards with backpacks full of socks. Then, whenever they see homeless people, they toss them a pair of socks.

Now his business is a worldwide thing. People all over the world do it. A big worldwide business that started because a boy in college, wanted to help people.

You remember that kid I told you about earlier? Well, he was an orphan. Mike adopted him. Now he is Mike’s son/best friend.

Sometimes, we don’t realize how lucky we are to have a roof over our head and food on the table. Sometimes, we take for granted what we have that some other people might not.