Taking a Stand


Colin Kaepernick is one of the many athletes either raising a fist, taking a knee, or just not standing during the national anthem. If you have heard of that protest, what is your opinion on it? My opinion on it is it very rude and disgraceful to the Star Spangled Banner. When they do that I feel that it is rude to the people that we have lost in terrorist attacks, shot outs ( between law enforcement and civilians ), and in war that we fought in. Yes I do understand his point of that the American government treats African-Americans and their communities wrong. There are many reasons why they should strand during the anthem but here are my reasons.

This is probably my most important reason. When they do take a stand they could get punished in a terrible way for them such as losing multi-million dollar deals, losing their medals in the Olympics, or being banished from their sport for years. One example of this is John Carlos and Tommie Smith. Both of them lost their medals at the 1968 Summer Olympics for raising a black gloved fist in the air during the The Star Spangled Banner. Also in 1967 Muhammad Ali ( boxer ) refused to fight in the Vietnam War because of that action he was banished from boxing for years. That information came for the paragraph Athletes In The 1960’s and Brave And Wise.

When I talked about the lives that we lost in the introduction that was one of my reasons. When you stand during the National Anthem it is like you are saluting to the people that we lost in the shot outs, wars, and terrorist attacks. So when you don’t stand it is like you don’t care that they have risked there lives and lost to fight for our freedoms, and safety. I really think that is super disrespectful on 9/11 when 100’s of people lost their lives to help save lives.

This is a scenario that could happen. The scenario is a very real one. Here it is. Someone is on a high school team and they don’t stand during the national anthem. Their coach could expel them. When they apply for college the colleges will see that and then they will not want them. That is why high school students should not participate in this.

Those are my reasons why I do not support this. By doing this it could end up very bad for some people. I hope those reasons helped you decide what side you are on. So what side are you on what are your reasons?


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