Mutant Cornflake of 2017


Once there was a Mutant Cornflake that was created by a Chinese scientist! A few days after its creation it broke out of Area 52! It swam all the way over to London and destroyed Big Ben! Then the USA heard about it and then started planning for it to attack. The head general and the President decided to have the Air Force attack the Mutant Cornflake. But they were missing something. The USA doesn’t have a mutant. So they thought and thought, then they got the perfect idea‚Ķ to make a Mutant Milk Gallon! Then a week later they got word from the Coast Guard that the Mutant Cornflake was spotted off the East coast. So they got ready for battle! When it got here they sent out the Air Force. It took them a while but they chipped a chunk off its arm. Then out came the Mutant Milk Gallon. They fought for days and days. Then finally the Mutant Milk Gallon broke its leg off and then body slammed it to shatter it. They quickly learned that it could rebuild itself so they decided to hang it over a Giant bowl of milk. When it would rebuild itself they would drop it for the giants breakfast. Then in the morning it rebuilt itself and then they dropped it. Then FE, FI, FO, FUM I smell the frosting of Cornflake. That was the end of the Evil Mutant Cornflake of 2017.


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