A Cowboy Story …


Hi my name is Caden Koklesbuger and I am a cowboy! I ride a bronco named Sean. He is a black and white bronco. I also own a ranch called Koklesbuger’s Longhorn. We stamp our cattle with this pattern 💢 It symbolizes our new property of 5 miles. Now enough explaining. Lets get these cows to their new property in Mexico. My Uncle Burt said we are leaving Arizona in five hours. Five hours later…

We rounded up the longhorn and started our long four day journey. Although it will be hard to herd the cattle through the rough terrain and through a big forest, called Settlers Forest, then we have to direct the cattle up a mountain with mountain lions which could easily strike startling the cattle! Then they could die falling off the rock face. In the mean time I will just get some rest. I woke up and rigged Sean and rounded up the cattle and started walking the cows past another ranch. An hour later we could see the forest and started to push through the forest. Now it’s almost dark and we want to take our chances with the mountain lions and eventually made our way down the mountain and suddenly we heard a mountain lion so we rushed down the mountain and were close to the international border. We finally crossed the border and were 50 miles from the new property. We finally reached the property and then we built our home and lived happily ever after.


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