Dear President Obama,

Some people want to change how long a Supreme Court justice can work. They also want Supreme Court justices to work fewer years.
I disagree that justices should only be able to work 18 years. I believe that justices can stay on the court for as long as they want until they quit or die. It is their choice if they love their job and want to continue doing it. I think that it’s their decision.
Antonin Scalia died a month before his 80th birthday, and he died suddenly and unexpectedly. He had been working on the court for nearly 30 years and he had served longer than any other current justices. Antonin was an older man, but still was very good at his job, and worked for many hard years. He was a great justice.
I understand that if a justice is sloppy, lazy, and they can’t make a decision, then you don’t want them to serve any longer and you fire them. What I don’t believe in is that people want to tell a justice that they don’t want them to serve for a long time. Justices are very important, and if they are hardworking and good at their job, then they shouldn’t have to be told how long they can do their job. It’s not their decision, it is the justice’s decision.
No one has ever been able to limit the time a justice can serve, and then the Constitution would have to be changed. That is not an easy thing to do, and lawmakers would have to vote on any of the changes to it. That’s a big pain, and nobody wants to do that.
Some people say that another reason to shorten the time a justice can serve is because the justice may not of learned about computers or the Internet in school, and that could affect how they decide cases about technology. That’s true, but it’s only an issue when it is a case about technology. Otherwise, they’re fine.
Presidents also want it to be fair so that each time a new president gets elected, the new president can choose a new justice. President Jimmy Carter didn’t get to pick any new justices, but Ronald Regan became president and picked four new justices in the eight years he was in the White House. What does it matter, and it’s not really important that a new president should choose a new justice every time a president gets elected.
I strongly feel it is not right if people tell justices how long they can be a justice, and that’s not nice for any of the justices. Especially if they are hardworking. It’s not fair that justices should have a time line on how long they can do their job.


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