Beauty and the Prince


Belle and the Prince still lived happily. Gaston found a lovely girl in the village. All of the silverware decided to stay in the castle because they felt most comfortable there.
Belle spent her time reading books like The Prince and the Frog, Untangled, The Seven Dwarfs, and Awaken Beauty. She was inspired by them. Sometimes she visited the village to get food for the silverware and sometimes she just visited her dad who is 84 years old now.
One day while Belle was reading Untangled she heard a crash. She closed her book and went downstairs to see if everything was alright. She asked all the silverware to see what was going on. “What’s going on?” Belle asked. One of the plates said “Go look in the Prince’s room.” She went to his room to see nothing was broken. First she thought that it was a trick but the she looked under the bed to see a BEAST!!! Belle was frightened, but then when she started at the beast she noticed that something was really familiar. She noticed that it was the prince! “What happened to you?!?” Belle asked “I was in town and I went to this market that I have never seen before. I was curious so I went in and I saw all of these potions. Like a love potion, sleep potion, and many more. Until I saw this one potion that really caught my eyes. I went to go see what the sign said. Then a woman bumped into me and the potion splashed on me! She was going to apologize but I ran out of the store and ran to the castle and went in my room. Sooner or later I noticed that I was a beast!” Belle ran to the library, and the beast followed her to see what she was doing. She was looking through the books to see a cure but she couldn’t find it so she went to the village to find the market that the prince went to. The beast was leading the way and the market wasn’t there! But there was a little note in the trash can near it saying “If you need me pass the dark forest then go to the lake of memories to find me” They went to the castle and got all of their friends that wanted to help. But one thing was that they didn’t know was where the dark forest was so again they looked in the library to find a map and they did in a book called “Maps of places” it said to go to the end of town. Literally the dark forest was right there. They went in and something felt familiar. She noticed that her dad went in that forest when he bumped into the castle. Belle and the Beast weren’t afraid because they had experience. They soon made it through and they made it to the lake. They went in the lake because there was nobody there near the lake. So that was the only option. They went in and they felt like their brain went back in time. They saw their memories. Belle didn’t see anything because it wasn’t her problem, it was the beast’s. On the other hand the beast saw another potion near the other potion the Beast ran into and it said “Healing potion” that was the potion he needed. It was made out of the Lotus flower. They soon ran out of breath and came up to the surface. The first thing the beast saw was a flower. Belle was clueless, but the beast didn’t know what kind of flower it was. But he sucked the nectar out of it and then right in front of her she saw the prince again. She was so relieved to see him back to normal. They went back to the dark forest to see the silverware still standing there shivering. “Prince your back!!!” They all said. “Let’s go back home guys.” And they went back home.


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