Philippine’s Fiasco


Every 4 years our family goes to the Philippines to help children and their families and we also visit our relatives. The year was over so, after school ended, we started packing for our big journey across the world!
After we packed all our things, we slept until 4:00 am to go to the airport. But, I couldn’t sleep at all! I was too excited to go! I didn’t even sleep…. Our cousin was picking us up to drive us to D.C. Airport so we rushed outside to get in their car.
We were in New Castle County, when I started feeling drowsy. I fell asleep for the rest of the ride. After 7 hours of sleeping, our cousin finally made it to D.C.! We got out of the car and stretched. I helped load the bags on the cart. My dad then went to a line for Philippine Airlines. It seemed like forever! But eventually we got passed it.
The time we got to the Boarding Station was 1 hour before the employees started boarding. To pass that time, our family ate some breakfast. By the time that we finished eating it was boarding time. We went on the plane on 2nd class. Our family sat in the middle row in the back. My sister and I dozed off, but after 3 hours of sleeping we woke up to chicken, rice, potatoes, and ice cream. It was delicious! Then I fell asleep for 7 hours.
We finally landed in Manila, Philippines at 1:00 am. We had to wait for our grandfather, but we still had other things to do. Our family had to get all of our bags and get through the security check line. Our dad looked every where for our grandfather, then we spotted him! We then got out of the airport and I sniffed in the fresh air of the Philippines, (which wasn’t really fresh). My grandfather, mom, and dad had to load the bags in the back. I finally got in the car and took a deep breath in. After 4 years I still loved the smell of my grandfathers car, it smelled like candy!
I didn’t fall asleep this car ride, I kept my eyes wide open. I wasn’t used to the time frame yet. Our grandfather was sleepy and tired while our whole family is awake! We then got to his guest bedroom. I haven’t been to the Philippines in a long time so I was still getting used to the heat like lava! I couldn’t sleep at all, so I just closed my eyes, and started counting sheep.
I woke up and my parents were out of bed and in the kitchen. My sister was still sleeping though, so I went to the bathroom to freshen up. I then woke up my sister saying “WAKE UP! WAKE UP!” She then rubbed her eyes and went to the bathroom too. Our parents walked upstairs to tell us that we had to take a shower. In the Philippines there is no heated showers! So I was freezing cold for 10 minutes!
We had to travel to the airport again to go to Disney Hong Kong! It was only a 2 hour ride so it wasn’t much trouble. When we got there, we saw the beautiful entrance! We then went to the check in for our rooms. My sister and I waited in the kids section watching Mickey Mouse cartoons.
After a long excruciating time, my parents finally finished checking in! I then quickly got in the elevator with my parents, sister and grandfather . When we got in, the elevator actually talked to us. It was the most magical elevator ride ever! As we looked for our room my sister and I played: Who finds the Room first? My sister won, but our parents and grandfather were still taking there time walking.
It took a long time settling down, because we had 1 bus full of things! But, we worked through it! My parents were extremely tired because of the different time frames. Otherwise, my sister and I were so pumped to go swimming! At 7:00 pm we finally got what we wanted! We went swimming at night at their amazing pool. We finally took a step in. We got relaxed for a while, until my sister and I had a swimming race. I then finally won one of our races in the Hong Kong.
When our family got back, we took a shower. Finally we all got to shower in a heated shower! Especially my grandfather, he hasn’t had a heated shower ever since! Finally we could sleep in a different time frame and not be nocturnal! We woke up to the shine of the light, which came with the heat. I was so happy, today was the day we saw our cousin! We haven’t saw him since he was a baby! 4years later and now he is 7 years old! We rushed to the car assuming that it was him and his mom. The car opened with our fingers crossed. It was them, I greeted them with a “long time no see” hug. We then showed Uno to the gift shop. He said it was awesome and I totally agreed with him, it was awesome and amazing! After showing him all the toys, we went to the small arcade. We asked if we could all play, but our dad said later. I wondered why we had nothing else to do today. Our dad said we would be going to Disneyland. I was so happy, I always wondered what Disney Hong Kong would be like!
As we boarded the transit train there was a ton of people boarding. Sadly, our whole family got squished into one tiny corner! Also in that moment I searched up are “Hong Kong people known to be impolite?” The results said most of the people are rude. So I assumed that the people on the train were part of the most people!
We finally got out of the crammed train. We let all the people get out first so we had the entrance way all to our selves! We got out and saw the radiant sky shining upon us. It was actually so radiant, I couldn’t even see! My mom saw the entrance way and took a couple of pictures of us. Then we finally checked in, but the bad thing was that there was another security check line. It took us a few minutes to get through, but it was all worth it in the end!
When we got in, we were in Mickeys Town Hall. My sister and I wandered around until we saw an art place. She really wanted to draw art, so we waited in line for half an hour. I rushed in next to my sister awaiting for fresh cool air. Finally, we had some oxygen that was partially not hot! The smell inside smelt like cookies! I saw that everything inside was related to the movie “Inside Out”. We then saw the drawing place, it was humongous! My sister and I then rushed to the front seat. We learned how to draw goofy, mine didn’t look as good as I hoped. But, my sister was a total show off!
When we got out of the drawing place, we went to Tomorrow Land. Though the walking took up most of the day, we still made it to Tomorrow Land! I looked around to see if any attractions caught my eye. Then I saw it! The Stitch encounter! I rushed over to my mom and dad, I then told them if we could please go to the stitch encounter. Thankfully they agreed and said yes. The downside was that the waiting time was 1 hour. We had to find something to pass the time. We looked and saw Space Blasters, we went over there to play a game or two.
After getting out of the game, we looked outside and it was raining! We couldn’t just run to the Stitch encounter because it was too far away, we were at the entrance, and stitch was at the back! It seemed like it rained forever. To pass time again, we went gift store shopping. Since it was my sisters birthday, she bought 2 things and I only bought one. I bought a stitch bracelet and she bought Tsum Tsums. It was still raining when looked outside. To pass time again we went to a food place right next door and ate some things. It finally stopped raining, so we ran over to the Stitch encounter to get to see Stitch!
I finally got what I wanted. We made it to the opening doors and went in. It was dark, but then I could see stitch. The point of the attraction was for people getting totals to Stitch. Sadly I didn’t get to talk to him, but I was ok with that. We always had tomorrow. Our last ride was to go car racing. The point of that was to not hit the rail in between the car wheels so you don’t slow down. Me and my dad worked together. Even though, we didn’t win, we had fun! It was finally time to head home. We went to our hotel room and went to sleep.
The next day we went to Disney again. The only reason we went there was for me to try to see Stitch. So, we went back and got chosen! He called our cousin Uno “Cousin Uno” and he asked my sister if she wanted chocolate that he barfed out of his mouth. She said yes, but he put his barf back in his mouth. We had to leave to go to Bicol shortly after.
We had to go on a 2 hour flight to Bicol. The plane finally landed in Bicol! I was so excited to see my relatives! When all of us got off we we all waited for our bags. While we were at the plane I remembered seeing the Mayon Volcano in Bicol. It was a beautiful from afar. My mom then saw my cousin who was going to pick us up. Our family got in the car and I dosed off. When we got there,my sister woke me up. I saw their gates open so their car could get in. I then smelt dogs I wondered why but I didn’t ask. I never remembered them having their own dog. But I couldn’t believe my eyes, I saw two dogs. They looked so cute, so I ran over where the dogs were and started petting them. There was a baby one named Brittany that I didn’t touch, she was about to bite me! On the other hand Oscar was calm and I loved him the most.
We finally got to meet my family on my moms side again! While we were there they gave me some of my cousins daughters clothes. But unfortunately they didn’t quite fit me, yet. They then showed us to their guest building. Downstairs was the bedroom and bathroom, upstairs was my cousins daughters playroom. It was AWESOME! We played, but we had to leave a few days after. We then traveled back to the Philippines to see our Grandmother. She had her own restaurant called Mama Ellies Resto and Grill. We got to work outside to sell candies and drinks. We only got payed a little amount, but it was fun anyways! And as a souvenir she gave us 2 of her employee hats!
The summer was fun, but it was starting to slowly end. our family had to pack up our stuff and leave to go back to America. We said our goodbyes and left.
When we got home, my dads friend came to pick us up. Sadly, when we got home, our bunny died. We also weren’t used to the time zone yet! Our dads friends children came over and played next to us while we slept. The Philippines was a fun trip! Hopefully in 3 years our whole family could go back again! See you soon Philippines!


Dory Pumper Pickle Mellow


Dory Pumper Pickle Mellow,
Was in her room in a dress of yellow,

Lying on her wooden bed,
Pondering over what her mother said,

Dory Pumper Pickle Mellow,
You must find yourself a fellow,

To hold your hand and give you care,
Wash your car and brush your hair,

He can hate the sun and the bees,
Smell like wool or cottage cheese,

Have the measles, lice or the flu,
Dory, as long as he loves you!

Your husband held your foot than hand,
Filled your car with mounds of sand,

Added mustard to your hair,
Dory,does he really care?

So Dory, Dory, Dory dear,
Please stop sitting, sulking, on your rear,

And listen to your wise old mum,
For your husbands very dumb!

So Dory, full of guilt and dread,
Slid slowly off her wooden bed,

Brushed against the wooden wall,
Carefully slipped on down the hall,

Round the doorframe, down the stairs,
Through the kitchen and over the chairs,

Drifted into her worn down car,
And drove off very, very far,

And now my friend, the story is done,
For no one knows where Dory’s gone.


Mutant Cornflake of 2017


Once there was a Mutant Cornflake that was created by a Chinese scientist! A few days after its creation it broke out of Area 52! It swam all the way over to London and destroyed Big Ben! Then the USA heard about it and then started planning for it to attack. The head general and the President decided to have the Air Force attack the Mutant Cornflake. But they were missing something. The USA doesn’t have a mutant. So they thought and thought, then they got the perfect idea… to make a Mutant Milk Gallon! Then a week later they got word from the Coast Guard that the Mutant Cornflake was spotted off the East coast. So they got ready for battle! When it got here they sent out the Air Force. It took them a while but they chipped a chunk off its arm. Then out came the Mutant Milk Gallon. They fought for days and days. Then finally the Mutant Milk Gallon broke its leg off and then body slammed it to shatter it. They quickly learned that it could rebuild itself so they decided to hang it over a Giant bowl of milk. When it would rebuild itself they would drop it for the giants breakfast. Then in the morning it rebuilt itself and then they dropped it. Then FE, FI, FO, FUM I smell the frosting of Cornflake. That was the end of the Evil Mutant Cornflake of 2017.


A Cowboy Story …


Hi my name is Caden Koklesbuger and I am a cowboy! I ride a bronco named Sean. He is a black and white bronco. I also own a ranch called Koklesbuger’s Longhorn. We stamp our cattle with this pattern 💢 It symbolizes our new property of 5 miles. Now enough explaining. Lets get these cows to their new property in Mexico. My Uncle Burt said we are leaving Arizona in five hours. Five hours later…

We rounded up the longhorn and started our long four day journey. Although it will be hard to herd the cattle through the rough terrain and through a big forest, called Settlers Forest, then we have to direct the cattle up a mountain with mountain lions which could easily strike startling the cattle! Then they could die falling off the rock face. In the mean time I will just get some rest. I woke up and rigged Sean and rounded up the cattle and started walking the cows past another ranch. An hour later we could see the forest and started to push through the forest. Now it’s almost dark and we want to take our chances with the mountain lions and eventually made our way down the mountain and suddenly we heard a mountain lion so we rushed down the mountain and were close to the international border. We finally crossed the border and were 50 miles from the new property. We finally reached the property and then we built our home and lived happily ever after.


If I Was President


If I were president I would make our armed forces stronger to make our country safer. It would protect us from terrorists. I would also lower the prices of health medication by 6% and cut high taxes. I will use 75%of the money from taxes and give it to schools and emergency authorities. The other money will be given to those in need. Some countries do not like us but when they go low, we go high. We start as a team and we end as a team and make our country the greatest. I will accept immigration and not cut it. We will bring our economy up. Those who aren’t happy with it can just stand up with and have liberty. We are free and have justice for all! United We Stand!


Taking a Stand


Colin Kaepernick is one of the many athletes either raising a fist, taking a knee, or just not standing during the national anthem. If you have heard of that protest, what is your opinion on it? My opinion on it is it very rude and disgraceful to the Star Spangled Banner. When they do that I feel that it is rude to the people that we have lost in terrorist attacks, shot outs ( between law enforcement and civilians ), and in war that we fought in. Yes I do understand his point of that the American government treats African-Americans and their communities wrong. There are many reasons why they should strand during the anthem but here are my reasons.

This is probably my most important reason. When they do take a stand they could get punished in a terrible way for them such as losing multi-million dollar deals, losing their medals in the Olympics, or being banished from their sport for years. One example of this is John Carlos and Tommie Smith. Both of them lost their medals at the 1968 Summer Olympics for raising a black gloved fist in the air during the The Star Spangled Banner. Also in 1967 Muhammad Ali ( boxer ) refused to fight in the Vietnam War because of that action he was banished from boxing for years. That information came for the paragraph Athletes In The 1960’s and Brave And Wise.

When I talked about the lives that we lost in the introduction that was one of my reasons. When you stand during the National Anthem it is like you are saluting to the people that we lost in the shot outs, wars, and terrorist attacks. So when you don’t stand it is like you don’t care that they have risked there lives and lost to fight for our freedoms, and safety. I really think that is super disrespectful on 9/11 when 100’s of people lost their lives to help save lives.

This is a scenario that could happen. The scenario is a very real one. Here it is. Someone is on a high school team and they don’t stand during the national anthem. Their coach could expel them. When they apply for college the colleges will see that and then they will not want them. That is why high school students should not participate in this.

Those are my reasons why I do not support this. By doing this it could end up very bad for some people. I hope those reasons helped you decide what side you are on. So what side are you on what are your reasons?




Dear President Obama,

Some people want to change how long a Supreme Court justice can work. They also want Supreme Court justices to work fewer years.
I disagree that justices should only be able to work 18 years. I believe that justices can stay on the court for as long as they want until they quit or die. It is their choice if they love their job and want to continue doing it. I think that it’s their decision.
Antonin Scalia died a month before his 80th birthday, and he died suddenly and unexpectedly. He had been working on the court for nearly 30 years and he had served longer than any other current justices. Antonin was an older man, but still was very good at his job, and worked for many hard years. He was a great justice.
I understand that if a justice is sloppy, lazy, and they can’t make a decision, then you don’t want them to serve any longer and you fire them. What I don’t believe in is that people want to tell a justice that they don’t want them to serve for a long time. Justices are very important, and if they are hardworking and good at their job, then they shouldn’t have to be told how long they can do their job. It’s not their decision, it is the justice’s decision.
No one has ever been able to limit the time a justice can serve, and then the Constitution would have to be changed. That is not an easy thing to do, and lawmakers would have to vote on any of the changes to it. That’s a big pain, and nobody wants to do that.
Some people say that another reason to shorten the time a justice can serve is because the justice may not of learned about computers or the Internet in school, and that could affect how they decide cases about technology. That’s true, but it’s only an issue when it is a case about technology. Otherwise, they’re fine.
Presidents also want it to be fair so that each time a new president gets elected, the new president can choose a new justice. President Jimmy Carter didn’t get to pick any new justices, but Ronald Regan became president and picked four new justices in the eight years he was in the White House. What does it matter, and it’s not really important that a new president should choose a new justice every time a president gets elected.
I strongly feel it is not right if people tell justices how long they can be a justice, and that’s not nice for any of the justices. Especially if they are hardworking. It’s not fair that justices should have a time line on how long they can do their job.


Beauty and the Prince


Belle and the Prince still lived happily. Gaston found a lovely girl in the village. All of the silverware decided to stay in the castle because they felt most comfortable there.
Belle spent her time reading books like The Prince and the Frog, Untangled, The Seven Dwarfs, and Awaken Beauty. She was inspired by them. Sometimes she visited the village to get food for the silverware and sometimes she just visited her dad who is 84 years old now.
One day while Belle was reading Untangled she heard a crash. She closed her book and went downstairs to see if everything was alright. She asked all the silverware to see what was going on. “What’s going on?” Belle asked. One of the plates said “Go look in the Prince’s room.” She went to his room to see nothing was broken. First she thought that it was a trick but the she looked under the bed to see a BEAST!!! Belle was frightened, but then when she started at the beast she noticed that something was really familiar. She noticed that it was the prince! “What happened to you?!?” Belle asked “I was in town and I went to this market that I have never seen before. I was curious so I went in and I saw all of these potions. Like a love potion, sleep potion, and many more. Until I saw this one potion that really caught my eyes. I went to go see what the sign said. Then a woman bumped into me and the potion splashed on me! She was going to apologize but I ran out of the store and ran to the castle and went in my room. Sooner or later I noticed that I was a beast!” Belle ran to the library, and the beast followed her to see what she was doing. She was looking through the books to see a cure but she couldn’t find it so she went to the village to find the market that the prince went to. The beast was leading the way and the market wasn’t there! But there was a little note in the trash can near it saying “If you need me pass the dark forest then go to the lake of memories to find me” They went to the castle and got all of their friends that wanted to help. But one thing was that they didn’t know was where the dark forest was so again they looked in the library to find a map and they did in a book called “Maps of places” it said to go to the end of town. Literally the dark forest was right there. They went in and something felt familiar. She noticed that her dad went in that forest when he bumped into the castle. Belle and the Beast weren’t afraid because they had experience. They soon made it through and they made it to the lake. They went in the lake because there was nobody there near the lake. So that was the only option. They went in and they felt like their brain went back in time. They saw their memories. Belle didn’t see anything because it wasn’t her problem, it was the beast’s. On the other hand the beast saw another potion near the other potion the Beast ran into and it said “Healing potion” that was the potion he needed. It was made out of the Lotus flower. They soon ran out of breath and came up to the surface. The first thing the beast saw was a flower. Belle was clueless, but the beast didn’t know what kind of flower it was. But he sucked the nectar out of it and then right in front of her she saw the prince again. She was so relieved to see him back to normal. They went back to the dark forest to see the silverware still standing there shivering. “Prince your back!!!” They all said. “Let’s go back home guys.” And they went back home.


A Big Change: Progressive Dialogue


Living in the time of 1899 must have been hard for many people, including kids! Especially kids that sold newspapers. Boys and girls sold newspapers on city streets and shouted the title of the newspapers, so people would be intrigued and buy the newspapers. That sounds easy, but it’s not!
William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer each own a major newspaper company in New York City. They depend on children to sell the newspapers to people for profit. The kids had a lot of hard work to do though. If a boy or girl didn’t sell all of the newspapers that were given, than they had to pay for the newspapers themselves. Then, newspaper sales slowed, so to continue getting the same profit, William and Joseph charged the newsies more for the newspapers.
One day, a boy and girl named Joanne Hargolph and Tom Suse decided to write a letter to William and Joseph to hopefully change things. Joanne told Tom, “I think we should write a letter to both companies. We’ll tell them why to change things and then hopefully they will change things. It can hopefully work out for the better.” “You’re right Joanne, if we change things, it will not only help us out, but everyone else too!” So that’s what they did!
Joanne and Tom composed a letter and it said,

Dear William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer,

Our names are Joanne Hargolph and Tome Suse. We are two children that sell your newspapers. We would appreciate it if you could make a few changes about your companies. It is unfair that we have to buy the newspapers, and then sell them, but if we hadn’t sold all of them, we would have to pay for the others that are left over. Then, newspaper sales slowed down, so you guys are charging us extra for the newspapers. Tom and I don’t like the new changes and we would love it if you would cooperate with us and change things.

Tom Suse and Joanne Hargolph
Joanne and Tom mailed the letters to both companies. Then Joanne and Tom were talking. “What if the letter doesn’t change their minds. Maybe we should also form a union and then refuse to deliver newspapers until the price per paper is normal again,” Joanne said. “That’s actually not a bad idea. We can really help change things and it will be way easier and normal again for everyone!” “Yeah! Then we will be heroes and help out everyone else too!” Joanne and Tom came up with an idea that will help everyone out.
Later that day, Joanne and Tom talked to a bunch of newsies and formed a union. They refused to deliver newspapers until the price per newspaper was normal again. The strike lasted two weeks, but the public agreed with the children. The strike also spread to different states and changes also happened there! The owners of the companies began to lose money and then finally changed the newspaper prices. The newsies were also able to return any papers that were left over. The children won and then Joanne and Tom were heroes!

Lily B.